The F.emale M.oney G.roup Mission

Hello and Welcome to F.emale M.oney G.roup !  

We as a Female Oriented Company intend to provide a secure space where women of ALL ages are welcome to express their knowledge to "Earning Money".  Whether it be Online Based employment or Out-of-Home Work.  We encourage ALL Females to Join and Support each other in time of need.  

Within the F.emale M.oney G.roup website you are more than welcome to :
  • If you have any questions or concerns and would like to direct your inquiries to the Administrator, then Please fill out the Contact Form in Contact F.M.G.

** F.emale M.oney G.roup is taking Donations to Fund the 
W.A.H.M. (Work-At-Home Mom) Foundation. **

What is the W.A.H.M. (Work-At-Home Mom) Foundation ?

The Work-At-Home Mom (W.A.H.M.) Foundation was created in Hope to Help Mothers (or Females in General) to be able to Cater to their Children and still be provided will a residual income from the Internet Home Based Work.

The W.A.H.M Program encourages Mothers to provide further attention to their children and nurture them for a more fully Developed Growth. 
- Studies show that Children who get one-on-one  learning and attention development from their Mother's Flourish in Advanced Rates ! -
We want Mothers to be able to Support their Family and become independant.  W.A.H.M. wishes to Provide this Helpful Service every step of the way.

To Support and Jump Start the W.A.H.M. Program
F.emale M.oney G.roup ask if you can Donate 
(any amount will be Much Appreciated). 

If Donating is Not possible at the Moment, 
F.emale M.oney G.roup asks if you can 
"Like" W.A.H.M. Foundation on Facebook 
to Support the Cause for 2012 : )

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